Factories have been a part of America’s history since the late 1700’s when the Industrial Revolution. At that time, the first factories began to change the way we produced goods for this nation. If you grew up in the Midwest or Northeastern part of America in the 1980’s, it was common for you parents to work in a factory. We watched our parents work hard and get paid decent wages by joining the unions that fought for them and the American dream. This is how we arrived at the name for the business. The Hair Factory & Co. We wanted it to represent the heartbeat of American and part of our Country’s history.


It is our mission to work hard, bring quality service to our clients and live the American dream. We want all our employees to invest in their future by offering education on investing in 401Ks and affordable healthcare options, so they too can achieve their own American dream.


We decided to open The Hair Factory & Co. to make a positive change in our work environment. The space just happened to fall in our lap, so we decided to embark on a new adventure in April 2015. We hope you enjoy your experience and support our small business that hopes to help it’s employees achieve the American dream just like our forefathers envisioned.